Palfique Estelite LV

Palfique Estelite LV is a low viscosity composite with a high module of elasticity. It’s supplied in three-gram syringes. It is suitable for different uses and applications in restoration.

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  • Restoration of class V cavities
  • Sealing of small Class I cavities/restoration after fissurotomy
  • Restoration of deciduous teeth
  • Bonding of brackets
  • Occlusal seal of implants
  • Repair of resin/porcelain veneers
  • Cementation of veneers and inlays
  • Splinting (+fibers)
  • Repair of small fractures in composites
  • Wide range of use and application in conservative dentistry
  • Excellent in orthodontic cases (due to its special viscosity)
  • 68% in weight of submicron filler
  • Wide shade matching range chameleon effect
  • Minimal color change after curing
  1. Apply in layers
  2. Light cure each layer for 10 seconds

(Italiano) Avvicinare il più possibile il puntale della tua lampada alla zona da polimerizzare per sfruttare al meglio la “RAP Technology” (si ricorda che l’intensità luminosa si riduce del quadrato della distanza)

– Palfique Estelite LV Syringe:

  • 1 syringe, 3.0g
  • 15 tips

available in the following shades:
art. 12311 | syringe High Flow A1
art. 12312 | syringe High Flow A2
art. 12313 | syringe High Flow A3
art. 12316 | syringe Low Flow A1
art. 12317 | syringe Low Flow A2
art. 12318 | syringe Low Flow A3

Palfique Estelite LV High Flow:

  • A1
  • A2
  • A3


Palfique Estelite LV Low Flow:

  • A1
  • A2
  • A3

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