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Dr. Lorenzo Graiff

” The chameleon-like properties of Estelite Asteria permitted to obtain excellent mimetism of the additive procedures on the two incisors; in fact, the optimum colour transition was obtained by mainly using one single body mass. Then small quantities of enamel mass permitted to obtain a more natural and esthetic reconstructed incisal margin of teeth 11 and 12. An enamel mass (Estelite Asteria NE) was also used to cement the E-max Maryland bridge; the new Tokuyama composite has truly excellent consistency and can also be used in the adhesive cementation of indirect composite or ceramic restorations, with no need to pre-heat it. ”

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Fig. 1:

Female patient, aged 53: OPG at the beginning of the treatment (endodontic-orthodonticimplant- restorative)

Fig. 2:

Orthodontic phase during which the upper front teeth are realigned

Fig. 3:

Gingivoplasty to condition the form of emergence of the provisional 22

Fig. 4:

Provisional 22 is relined and inserted in the sectional archwire

Fig. 5:

Healing 1 week after gingivoplasty

Fig. 6:

Rubber dam is placed and detail of the shape of numbers 11 and 12 before coronoplasty

Fig. 7:

Etching with 39% orthophosphoric acid (Tokuyama Etching Gel HV) and protection of teeth 21 and 13 with transparent matrices

Fig. 8:

Phase of additive coronoplasty on tooth 12

Fig. 9:

Finished additive coronoplasty (two masses have been used: Estelite Asteria, A2B and YE)

Fig. 10:

Palatal view while cementing the e.max-CAD Maryland bridge

Fig. 11:

Buccal view of the Maryland bridge immediately after cementing

Fig. 12:

Front view of the finished case: additive coronoplasty on 11 and 12 (Estelite Asteria A2B and YE) and e.max-CAD Maryland bridge, performed by dental technician Alfredo Rizzati in Portomaggiore (FE)



Estelite Asteria

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Tokuyama EE-Bond

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Chair-side remaking of incongruous prosthesis

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Cementing of disilicate inlay

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Cementing of lithium disilicate crowns

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Maskage of an enamel lesion

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