Estelite Color

Used to slightly modify a shade, Estelite Color adds character to your masterpiece and perfects the tooth’s overall esthetics. It is available in 13 colors: 4 opaquers and 9 tints to meet all aesthetic needs. The range of colors helps meet special needs, such as: thin incisors, aged or compromised teeth, highly chromatic teeth, teeth pigmented by medication (for instance tetracyclines) and repair of fractured restorations. A complement for more demanding professionals, who are not satisfied with anything less than the best they can obtain.

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  • Shade characterization of composite restorations
  • Shade characterization of composite veneers
  • Customizing hue, value and chroma
  • Adding color effects to contrast zone
  • Masking of discoloration
  • Easily applicable gel colors
  • Especially intense
  • Reusable (once extruded on the dish, if preserved as indicated)
  • Contains 58% inorganic filler by weight


  • Avvicinare il più possibile il puntale della tua lampada alla zona da polimerizzare per sfruttare al meglio la “RAP Technology” (si ricorda che l’intensità luminosa si riduce del quadrato della distanza)

art. 10831 | Estelite Color Kit:

  • 13 syringe, 0.9g each (1 syringe for each shade)
  • 15 tips
  • 15 caps
  • 5 disposable dish


Spare parts:

– Estelite Color Syringe:

  • 1 syringe, 0.9g each

available in the following shades:
art. 10841 | syringe Clear
art. 10842 | syringe White
art. 10843 | syringe Blue
art. 10844 | syringe Yellow
art. 10845 | syringe Gray
art. 10846 | syringe Ocher
art. 10847 | syringe Dark Brown
art. 10848 | syringe Red
art. 10849 | syringe Lavender
art. 10850 | syringe Pink Opaque
art. 10851 | syringe High Chroma Opaque
art. 10852 | syringe Medium Chroma Opaque
art. 10853 | syringe Low Chroma Opaque


  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Lavender
  • Ochre
  • Dark Brown
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Clear



  • Pink Opaque
  • Low Chroma Opaque  -for shade range A1, B1, C1 and Bleached teeth
  • Medium Chroma Opaque  -for shade range A2, B2, D2, and C2
  • High Chroma Opaque  -for shade range A3, B3, D3, C3 and darker


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