Collection of scientific researches written by several national and international authors.

Recently an additional breakthrough adhesive has been introduced to the market. As compared to other systems, Tokuyama Bond Force is a 7th generation single component, self-etching, fluoride releasing bonding agent. With the Self-Reinforced monomer, the revolutionary technology in this Bond Force creates a 3-D link to the tooth generating an extremely strong bond to enamel and dentin. It is truly a chemical bonding. It is designed to be used on both cut/uncut enamel and dentin. Bond Force, this 7th generation used adove and must be consistent and reduce the potential for being technique sensitivity.
As part of our continuing improvement efforts in research and development, we make every attempt to work closely with our colleagues at universities and private facilities from around the world. As a result of this global effort, this booklet consists of a collection of analysis on Tokuyama Bond Force. Based on the results and the diverse range of protocols published herein, the proven performance of Tokuyama Bond Force is clearly evident. Once the numerous test results and data have been reviewed, we are positive it will become apparent that Tokuyama Bond Force is truly an innovative 7th generation bonding agent.


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