Shield Force Plus

Durable protective sealing for the treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity with “double block” mechanism (seal in the tubules and 2micron protective thickness).

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  • Treatment of hypersensitive dentin
  • Reduction of abrasion and erosion of exposed cervical dentin
  • Alleviation and/or prevention of tooth sensitivity after tooth preparation for direct and indirect restorations, before build-up
  • Quick pain relief. Shield Force Plus reduces hypersensitivity just after applying
  • Long term durability. Thin but durable coat and resin tag alleviate/prevent sensitivity long-term
  • Easy to use. Same as bonding agent (Bond Force), only one application, no rinsing, no rubbing required
  • When Shield Force Plus is applied to the affected area, 3D-SR monomer and calcium of the tooth react and reaction product accumulates in the dentin tubules and in the coated surface
  • When the solvent and water are evaporated by air blow, thin layer forms on the surface. At this stage, dentin tubules are sealed and hypersensitivity is reduced
  • After light curing, reaction products in the dentin tubules and thin layer in the coated surface are linked together and polymerized, then durable polymerized layer forms

art. 15112 | Tokuyama Shield Force Plus Kit

  • 1 bottle, 3.0ml
  • 25 applicators
  • 1 dish

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