Estelite Asteria

ESTELITE ASTERIA is developed to realize simplified 2 step layering composite restorations as well as outstanding esthetic results. ESTELITE ASTERIA contains various optical properties to achieve an esthetic restoration while inheriting Tokuyama’s patented filler and polymerization initiator technologies.


  • Outstanding Aesthetics
  • Invisible Margins
  • Superior & long lasting gloss retention
  • Simplified layering
  • Optimal handling
  • Non-stick & easy to sculpt
  • Ample working time (90 sec. under ambient light - 10.000 lux)

Asteria Flyer. New because it comes from the future

Tired of hearing about how many complications there are for a job well done? Then choose Asteria: two steps is all it takes to yield excellent workability and aesthetic results. Because Asteria does not come from the past, it comes from the future

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Asteria Clinical Guide. Dr. Noboru Takahashi

Estelite Asteria contains 82% by weight / 71% by volume of silicazirconia filler and composite filler. The Supra-Nano inorganic spherical filler contained in Estelite Asteria (mean particle size 200nm) facilitates a very smooth surface with superior gloss that is easily obtained with polishing and is sustained long-term.

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Asteria. Easy also while matching-up colors.

How to obtain shades with Estelite ASTERIA on the entire range of Vita Classical shades.

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The superior composite: emulates nature.

One of the features that makes ESTELITE ASTERIA similar to the natural tooth is its resistance to fracture. It is the ability of material having a small crack to resist fracture. Generally, fracture toughness of human enamel is 0.7 ~ 1.3 MPam1/2, that of human dentin is 2.7 ~ 3.1 MPam1/2. Fracture toughness of Estelite Asteria is 1.79 MPam1/2.

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