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Estelite Asteria Custom Shade Guide

Estelite Asteria Custom Shade Guide allows you to build and customize your shade guide to your own preferences. No more pre-selected tones from manufacturers that never quite seem to match, nor guessing when choosing your composite shade with this valuable tool. Customize your palette and create the exact shade of your composite.

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Estelite Asteria Custom Shade Guide: Instructions Select the Mold according to the shade type desired.

The mold has two types of tooth shapes. The Enamel molds are wide and shallow, and suitable for effect shades. The Body molds are narrow and deep, and suitable for enamel and dentin shades.

Before setting the Shade Guide Handle into the appropriate slot, fill the root portion of tooth shaped mold with composite.

Insert the Handle with its flat side up until it seats completely and is flush with Mold surface.

Fill the remaining portion of the tooth mold with composite. Be sure not to over fill.

Remove excess paste and flatten the surface. Close the cover cap and press down until it clicks.

Light cure through the cover cap, for the length of time indicated in the composite manufacturer's instructions.

Reopen the cover cap and remove the Handle from the Mold. Label shades as desired, using a fine tip permanent marker to write shade name on the handle. If using Estelite Asteria from Tokuyama, you may use the provided shade stickers. Clean the Mold and set the finished Handle in the Holder.